Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Giveaway: NutriDiet for a Month!


Hola Cherries,

How be you? Can you sense the healthy vibe going around Cherry Cross this week? Well, it is because I am trying to be healthy (and lose some weight while I am at it). So far I have signed up for a bloggers bootcamp on Friday and started Right Bite this week as well. And then I thought, hmmph, shouldn't I be sharing some of it with all you beautiful people?

So well, here I am!!

This month, I am giving away 2 full boxes of NutriDiet Sachets to one lucky winner! NutriDiet is a meal replacement shake based on soy protein and low in calorie and fat content. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs and is also high in dietary fiber. Each serving of Nutridiet consists of 110 – 117 calories. For more details, check out my previous post with all the deets here:

Well, this can be your kick start for a weight loss regime, and help you lose a few pounds super quick!

To participate, and win 30 sachets of NutriDiet, all you have to do is:
  1. Tell us, in the comment box below, why do you wanna lose weight?
  2. Like Cherry Cross on Facebook -
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And Voila - You are done!

This is a fantastic opportunity to start your summer weight loss regime, and Cherry Cross will proud to be your partner in crime :D

All the best Cherries, and remember that the giveaway ends on April 27th 2014!

Lines. That Divide, and Unite.

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I nag. Endlessly. Relentlessly. And only to those I love. I somehow assume I know it best, or that I love them more than they could possibly love themselves. 

How foolish do I sound? Extremely foolish!

I have learnt that people do what they wanna do. And why not? 

They might agree, submit or surrender for the moment, but it can never be the way of being.

So, let go. Take a step back. Breath, and let the air be clear of expectations and dependencies. 

Voicing your opinion might be natural, but you have got to make an effort to stay shush. Everyone has to make their own mistakes. You and I, both. 

So let’s just go ahead, without complicating our lives. 

Love,  but from a distance.


Fendi at Fashion Forward Season 3?

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There’s a fine line between inspiration and blatant design replicas.

The fashion industry in Middle East is on its way to maturity, and churning out fantastic designers every year. Amidst the creative geniuses and educated ones are some who let creativity take a back seat, and allow “inspirations” to create most of their collections.

Such an example was Essa at Fashion Forward Season 3. As soon as I got over the tantric music, faux feathers and shiny Lamé, I had a déjà vu moment. The ensembles walking on runway have been somewhere before – at least some of them. Before I could zero it in, a piece of two would surprise and distract me with their originality.

But eventually, I had the answer. Although the colors were quintessentially Essa, the cut, contrast and silhouette were certainly way ahead of him. Probably near the house of Fendi. Possibly.

Is it a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. Given the elements he added and that he did manage to put out a decent collection after all, he deserves applause.

Kind of.

Here are some highlights from Essa's runway at Fashion Forward Season 3:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty Secret: Gorgeous Hair on a Run (Hint: Award Winning Dry Shampoo)

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I have been harboring this beauty secret for a while now - about eight months to be precise.

Back in the day, when I rocked bangs and 1960s layers, I would frequently (read: daily) shampoo the front patch of my hair as it would get oil and lanky. It was during those donkey years that I first discovered dry shampoos. Unfortunately, I didn't have that experimental bone to research and find the one for me, so I conveniently put it behind me and got by with Baby Johnson's Powder*

When I relocated to Dubai, my hair chose to rebel and went berserk. From hair fall to embarrassing dandruff and uncalled for oiliness, you name it and I had it.

Check out the shampoo that helped me stop hair fall

Anyway. So when my cousin was visiting from Canada, I asked another cousin of mine (who happens to be a hair expert) for a recommendation. Well, being the generous soul that she is, she sent her recommendations along my cousin.

She sent two bottles of Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract.

For all my excitement, I was a little hesitant to use it in the beginning and quite unsure as well (despite explicitly written instruction). But once I got used to it, it had certainly made it to one of my all time favorite beauty products that can save a day! And if it helps, it has won Elle Beauty Award a couple of times - here's the universal validation we need.

What I love about Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract:
  • Incredibly effective. Oil and dirt literally disappears after a minute of spraying the product
  • Very light, no smell/fragrances and leaves no powdery residue
  • Extremely easy to use - spray, hold, brush and you are done
  • It adds beautiful volume and bounce to my hair
  • Wear it after a blow dry and it can increase the longevity 
  • It's my go to product if I am unable to wash my hair or have an important meeting where I want everything perfect (especially my hair)
On the flip side, the effect for my hair lasts up to 8 hours. And in case I delay washing my hair for too long (say 12 hours) after using Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract, I usually get a bad case of dandruff and the oil resurfaces shamelessly.

I have personally used this product and love it. When I run out of it, I will definitely repurchase (and I don't repurchase much besides my shampoo).

If you have tried any dry shampoos, or have a story to share, please know we are all ears :D

* Baby Johnson's Powder used to be my alternative to dry shampoo at some point in time. Just drizzle some on your oily roots, brush and blow away the remains. The effect isn't even close to what Klorane does but well, better than nothing!

Monday, April 14, 2014

#FFWD Love: Ezra AW '14

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It was magical. Haute couture, snow flakes and overwhelming beauty took audience's breath away. Ezra's show on the first day of Fashion Forward Season 3 was definitely an experience worth living, over again and again.

The collection presented had hints of tribal funk and edgy accents to spice up couture. The gowns had exquisite, hand embroidered details, mostly on luxe, delicate silk.

Broadening his horizon, Ezra also included a few pieces for a woman who would rather be without frills and flora; impeccably tailored evening wear, with structured shoulders and understated cutouts. However one thing was common in all the ensembles - you have got to be a femme fatale to do justice to the incredible collection by Ezra.

My favorite: The color palette. From royal blue to sunshine yellow and pearly white - I loved it all!

Check out some of my personal favorite looks from Ezra's runway at Fashion Forward Season 3:

Invitation: Bloggers Bootcamp!

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Bloggers Bootcamp at Cherry Cross

I am trying to be healthy (and that's a BIG trying), and move as much as possible. So when I got to know about a Bloggers Bootcamp, being organized by Jam the Glam and B2B Fitness Dubai, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, start the coming weekend with some serious fun and ass kicking workouts, under the professional supervision of Andrew from B2BFitness. As an added advantage, meet some really cool bloggers like Jam the Glam, Sarah in Dubai, Global Gazette and yours truly :)

The event will be held at Safa Part (Gate 2) at 10:00 AM on April 18th 2014. For more details and RSVP, check out

Looking forward to seeing you soon! xoxo

(P.S. If you are a beginner and are not sure if this is for you - don't fret! This is as much for you as for anyone else. I haven't done anything more strenuous than treadmill in a very long time, but I know it will be alright. So don't worry, and let's give it a shot together!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Married for a YEAR!!

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I can’t believe it – the time literally flew by! It seems like a few weeks ago when I was running like a headless chicken, prepping for my wedding, totally lost in the frantic frenzy around. And now, a year later, I stand here, in complete awe, of how soon these 12 months had gone by.

Sometimes I feel like this day is even more significant that my birth day – for this is the day that I was reborn, to be someone most of you know now.

A lot has changed since April 13th 2013. Wanna know what and what? Here's the tip of my iceberg for you:
  • My marital status changed – I had to update all my accounts and profiles, and leart to tick ‘married’ instead of ‘single’
  • I share my room now – with a MAN #tryingtobenotorious
  • I have two families – both amazing in their own ways
  • I learnt to cook, and can now serve a decent meal (most of the times)
  • We relocated – that was a MAJOR change. It meant a new home, a new city,  different people, new friends, new job…and a whole new life of sorts!
  • I am not a workaholic anymore – I guess I have been de-axactianized!
  • I am finally working in the fashion industry – and closer to my dream of being part of an editorial team at a fashion and lifestyle magazine
  • I made some new friends, and lost some very significant ones as well. I don’t know why it happened, but it did.

And above all, I learnt to love, respect and trust another person with all of my being. And guess what? I have no regrets, only beautiful memories to cherish forever!

You may now wish me a Happy Anniversary!


Best Time to Get in Shape?? NOW - And Here's How!!

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Many of us would have already started planning for the summer holidays, making air ticket bookings to exciting destinations and scouting for the best hotel deals. How about giving a new dimension to these preparations by committing to get fit before the summer break?  

Right Bite, a pioneer in customised healthy meal deliveries, has introduced its ‘Renew You’ program that is perfectly suited to help you shed those extra kilos ahead of the summer. Whether you want to improve your health, or simply maintain a healthy diet, this package can be tailored to meet your requirements and fit into your lifestyle. Right Bite’s team of dietitians and chefs can create delicious, yet healthy, meals using the freshest natural ingredients that will help keep you mentally alert, physically charged and full of energy, which will stand you in good stead in the harsh summer months of the UAE.    

Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C., “These months leading up to peak summer is the perfect time to lose weight and get back into shape. In fact, plenty of sunshine may help weight loss through the neurotransmitter serotonin.  Setting aside the sun’s less desirable reputation due to UV rays and skin cancers, the sun can actually be helpful in prepping our serotonin levels to suppress cravings, especially for carbohydrates.”

Serotonin is a type of brain chemical that influences a variety of psychological and body functions, including cravings, appetite and digestion. It is commonly referred to as a “happy hormone” because its production increases when we are exposed to natural sunlight. “Increased levels of serotonin reduce some people's need to eat, especially if the cravings are for comfort foods. Moreover, many people tend to eat less in hot temperatures,” explained Nathalie.

“As a general health tip, we suggest people should add considerable quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables to their meals and snacks. They are low in calories, high in nutrients, and they push low-fiber, higher-calorie foods out of your diet,” pointed out Nathalie.   

Right Bite, the experts in food and nutrition, is on a mission to strengthen its efforts of promoting a healthy lifestyle that revolves around a well-balanced diet, through its tailored programs such as Renew You, Lunchbox Gourmet, Fuel Up and Selective Plus. 

I am starting my program from tomorrow!! *Super Excited*